Our philosophy is to take a pure and realistic approach to hair. We are trained in many techniques and employ a range of tools in the salon. The unique texture of your hair dictates how we will cut it. Biyoshi stylists, trained in the Sahag technique of drycutting, achieve a more precise way of styling. When the hair is cut dry, the true product is visible and the cut can be awe inspiring. "...And it's in carving new shapes that you find the unique shape that matches the soul--the cheekiness, the naughtiness." Sahag once said. Also, by utilizing different techniques and tools, like the razor, we create texture in the hair. The staff has been trained with American Crew, Toni & Guy ( TIGI ), L'Oreal and others. And we are always seeking to learn more.

Hair Services:

Gift Cards are available.
Haircut $75 and up.
Shampoo & Blowdry $30 and up.
Drycutting $75 and up.
Dreads $125 and up.
One Process Color $45 and up.
Two Process Color $60 and up.
Color Designs $85 and up.
Formal Updo's $75 and up.
Bridal Hair $60 and up.
Conditioning Treatments $15 and up.
Restructuring $85 and up.
Perms/Restructuring $150 and up.
Highlights $85 and up.
Japanese Straightening $250 and up.
Permanent Wave/Relaxer $150 and up.
*Wedding Party packages available upon request*
Strand by strand extensions, which are 100% unprocessed human hair, hang individually by tiny Keratin Protein all natural bond, no glue or polywax. The strands are attached 1/4" away from the scalp so your own hair can move and grow perfectly! You can curl your hair, color it and style as you would your own hair. There are 81 colors to pick from that can be straight, wavy or curly (except for fantasy colors that are only straight). Call for pricing.
*Please Note: Prices are subject to change.
**We request a 24 hour cancellation notice for appointments. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late we would prefer to reschedule your appointment so that you will get the quality attention you deserve.